Rick Wilson

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

This establishment was recommended to me by a friend who had them detail his boat for the upcoming season. I brought my car in for them to look at. 2019 Mazda, black, had some swirls and some light scratches. The owner said, they would remove all scratches, swirls, and I wanted the ceramic coating added. I picked the car up at the end of day, outstanding detailing job. They also added ceramic coating to the rims and a special window glass procedure. All in all, best detailing I have seen yet. Owners Dianne and Norman and staff are all super friendly and accommodating. And they go the extra step to make sure you leave as a happy customer. I have already recommended Phase 11 to a few friends and one has taken his vehicle in already. We have a few more cars at home that I will be brining to Phase 11 as soon as I get the chance..

Services: Scratch removal, Clay bar treatment


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