Miranda Coil

Author: Mock Webware |

We have had 2 cars detailed and they both turned out above and beyond our expectations! My black SUV has swirl marks from the previous owners, as well as the paint looked Navy blue it was so dull and murky. The team at Phase was able to bring back the sparkle in the paint, get rid of the swirl marks and now my black car finally looks black! They even detailed the inside without charging extra. Our Mercedes had some paint and body work done, as well as ceramic coating and an inside detail. The coating looks phenomenal, about a month later it still looks amazing and all the previous scratches are gone. We love supporting family businesses and so glad we read the reviews and booked 2 detailings here. Will be suggesting them to everyone we know, they truly went above and beyond what we expected and wanted!

Services: Full body wash, Scratch removal, Seat shampooing, Upholstery cleaning, Polishing, Auto detailing, Wheel washing, General carpet cleaning, Deep clean, Auto interior vacuuming, Paint repair.


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