Silver Package

Author: Phase II Auto Detailing |

4-5 hours

Car $185 / SUV $275 / 3 Rows $295 / Van-Full & Truck $350

Car $225 / SUV $295 / 3 Rows $310 / Van-Full & Truck $350

Hand Wash, wash and clean door jambs, wheel wells, rims, clean and dress tires, interior shampoo, steam clean to remove most stains and foul odor, deep clean vinyl/leather, carpets, mats, vents, ashtrays, cup holders, dashboard, door panels, windows, roof liner, and truck compartments-including spare tire. **Pet hair removal and excessive soil and mud is an additional $100 which will be determined upon vehicle inspection. Not all interiors are the same or in the same condition. If you have any particular concerns about your interior feel free to contact us or come in for an estimate.


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