How This New Automotive Trend Could Benefit You

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With billions of dollars spent on beautiful automobiles each year, it’s no wonder that owners go out of their way to maintain their rides by keenly following new trends. The latest trend to be hotly sought after in the automotive industry is Ceramic Coating. With its UV resistance, superior hardness, and self-cleaning properties, it provides the ultimate exterior protection for vehicles.

At Phase II Auto Detailing, we are experienced in rendering Ceramic Coating for cars, RV’s, planes, and helicopters. Our expertise has gained a favorable reputation, and we regularly receive calls from clients’ across BC specifically to get the job done.

When we apply Ceramic Pro onto the surface of an automotive vehicle, we make sure the paint looks pristine by paying close attention to detail.

Once we finish the job, clients never have to buff or wax their car again as it holds the extreme gloss for a lifetime. Also, nothing damages the paint as this product sets on liquid and hardens into a glass-like protective layer with strong durability.

We also provide two-year, five-year, and lifetime warranty options, and any accident or severe damage can be re-done at no extra cost, depending on the selected package. Our price range starts from nine hundred dollars and goes up from there, making Ceramic Pro a long-term investment.

Over a period, Ceramic Coating will save you time, money, and energy on removing stains, scratches, or any other paint damage. The product also cleans easily by hosing it down to maintain its vibrant shine.

If you choose Phase II Auto Detailing to carry out Ceramic Coating, we will need to keep your vehicle at our shop for two days. After two weeks of application, we will also provide you with a complimentary wash to ensure nothing is missed. Along with offering Ceramic Coating, our team specializes in customized car detailing, trunk vacuuming, car shampooing, and vehicle restoration. Our goal is to clean, restore, and protect vehicles while exceeding expectations, ensuring that clients’ are ecstatic when they walk out of our shop. We serve clients across Langley, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Abbotsford, Mission, Coquitlam, Vancouver, White Rock, and the surrounding areas.

If you have any questions about our Ceramic Coating in Langley, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about the other services we have to offer, please click here.


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