The Changes That Were Taking Place Because Of The Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus brought about a lot of unprecedented changes, and people were unsure about them. While many were adjusting to the new normal, some found it quite challenging with changes that included national lockdowns, with everything shut and people not allowed to leave their homes, unless for essential services or medical assistance. They implemented changes in various parts of the country, and the rules would change depending on the number of people sick with the Coronavirus.

With these rules, most people were not allowed to come into the office, and they had to stay at home. However, essential services were still running, and public areas were being cleaned and sanitized as often as possible to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Public places that saw people getting in and out had to be cleaned and sanitized frequently because even one of those people there could cause everyone to get sick. Furthermore, people had to wear masks and use hand sanitizers, which everyone was working on getting used to.

From the beginning of the pandemic, we had to follow all safety precautions and did not close down as we served as an essential business. However, we were sure to be safe and follow all the rules when interacting with customers. We wanted them to feel safe and not threatened. While there was a lot of public transportation that needed sanitization, people wanted to sanitize and clean their cars throughout the pandemic. We were making sure we used many sanitizers when getting through the sanitization process. We do not see a lot of changes taking place between now to six months down the line.

Fortunately for us, the pandemic did not disrupt our business, too much because we are an essential service and were assisting with the Coronavirus. During the first shut down, for the first three months or so, when no one knew what to expect, we were losing money. Other than that, present operations are booming with dealerships and private customers. Additionally, we made changes to the running of our business, to keep up with the new rules and restrictions that were coming up because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, we made it a point to tell our clients to always wear masks, not only to keep themselves safe but protect others.

While the entire country went through lockdown after lockdown, we worked through the pandemic and lockdowns because we were marked as an essential service. We were happy to an extent because we could function, while most others struggled to make ends meet. Additionally, we stayed safe while we handled all the work that we were doing. However, while most could get work done remotely, the type of work we handled forced us to come to the office. Remote working is not an option when you clean vehicles for a living.

Overall, not too much changed when it came to our company. There were a few changes during the first months of the pandemic, but we learned to adapt and post that, we stayed constant to the rules and the work that we were following pre-pandemic, including regular work timings. After a bit, it didn’t even feel like there were too many changes, but just like it did, pre-pandemic. Furthermore, we do not usually allow anyone else in the office, other than the receptionist and me. Additionally, we make sure everyone is following social distancing protocols.

When it comes to cleaning and keeping the office neat, there are a few rules that we have to follow if we are planning on keeping the people we are working with safe.

We make sure we disinfect all surfaces and handles, especially common doors and the areas that people are frequently visiting, even if that might not be within the office. We use a special lithium-ion 16.8 V electric sanitizer that conducts on surfaces to stick evenly and saturate all surfaces, including before entering all our vehicles, to give our clients the best care they can receive.

We have to handle all our work in person, and all our information is stored offline. We do not need a secure server like most of the other companies that are running through IT. We pass on our details through our website, and we are sure that it is secure and running well. The other software we use is common and similar but have layers of security, even though the information we are passing on is not relevant or sensitive. This software includes Tidio, Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram.

Being an essential service, we were open to having in-person meetings at the shop throughout the pandemic. We were making changes around the shop and were overly concerned about the people coming to get their vehicles worked on, to make sure they were safe, while our staff were looked after as well.

Additionally, we are always open to any video conferencing platform. Furthermore, we would send people basic information about the work we have done and even coordinate sending them pictures, if they needed them as references. We have not worked on virtual public events or business expos before, but we are always open to new things and to see what that would feel like.

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