Frequently Asked Questions About Our Automotive Detailing Services

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If you need to add a shimmer and shine to your car, van, or SUV, then hiring an automotive detailing professional can help ensure the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle are sparkling and looking brand new.

However, when it comes to automotive detailing services, there are many questions you may have, but find it tricky to get all the answers you’re seeking.

So, to ensure you have all your doubts cleared, Phase II Auto Detailing wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you polish your car. To do this, we’ve answered 

some of the most frequently asked questions about our automotive detailing services.

1. What packages do you provide?
We have a frequent number of customers that come to us asking about mold and odor removal, which has become one of our specialties and is part of our full interior package. We start the process with our ozone machine, which kills the mold and any bacteria.

We then proceed with our silver package, a complete interior clean-up that includes an outside wash, cleaning door jams, wheel wells, rims, and tires. Besides, it involves an interior shampoo and a steam clean to remove most stains. It also consists of removing foul odor and deep cleaning of vinyl, leather, carpets, mats, vents, ashtrays, cup holders, dashboard, door panels, windows, roof liner, and truck compartments, including the spare tire.

2. How long does the detailing take?
We are a detailing shop that pays meticulous attention to detail and takes a little longer than most firms. Even our “basic” detail will take one to two hours as we make sure that every car leaves our facility looking pristine. The entire interior takes five hours, and one stage cut polish with the whole interior cleaned with engine shampoo is a seven-hour job.

3. Do you do more than just clean cars?
We offer specialty services which include ozone odor removal, paint sealant, paint correction, overspray removal, tree sap removal, and hard water spot removal. We also offer wet sanding, mold removal, decals removal, and three-stage exterior cut polish to remove most surface scratches and swirl marks.

4. Do you do ceramic coating?
We undertake any task that makes a car look rejuvenated. Therefore, ceramic coating is one of our most popular specialty services as it is an investment to protect the paint and keep it looking new for life. We use Ceramic Pro, a permanent coating solution with superior hardness, strong durability, self-cleaning, extreme gloss, and UV protection features.

5. Do you offer individual services?
Basic detailing is part of our individual services and consists of engine shampoo and headlight restoration.

If you have any more questions about car detailing, get in touch with the experts at Phase II Auto Detailing. As the best car washing and auto detailing service in Langley, we render quality services for our clients. We serve individuals across Langley, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Abbotsford, Mission, Coquitlam, Vancouver, and White Rock. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here or contact us by clicking here.


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