Busted! Don’t Believe These Auto Detailing Myths!

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Auto detailing keeps your vehicle’s exterior looking new again. It involves removing any contamination and thoroughly assessing the auto body for adjustment or repairs. However, like most vehicle owners, you may have come across several myths and misconceptions about car detailing and think that giving your car a quick wash in the driveway will eliminate the dust and dirt. You may also feel that detailing isn’t worth the time and money and ultimately prevent your vehicle from getting a fabulous cosmetic makeover that can help you preserve it in the long run. So, to help you steer clear of these false facts and get your car professionally cleaned by an expert, Phase II Auto Detailing has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about auto detailing.

Myth 1: It only takes an hour tops to detail your car
At Phase II Auto Detailing, we can do a quick service, but there will be many missing spots but when you “detail” your car, it takes so much more than just your regular wash and vacuum. Detailing is done from top to bottom and everything in between, and all the nooks and crannies. Our full interior packages alone take five to six hours, and we have customers leaving ecstatic. There is nothing better than feeling like your car is brand new again.

Myth 2: Odors will disappear with just a shampooing
This is not true! What we use here is something called an ozone machine, which kills tough odor particles and bacteria that have embedded in the material of the car. Once we use that, then we shampoo and steam clean everything inside to eliminate odor fully.

Myth 3: Spills can be removed at any time
Sadly, this isn’t true. Once spills are set, mold and odor start to manifest. You must bring your vehicle in right away so that we can use the appropriate cleaning solution for the best results. 

If you’re looking to steer clear of these myths, reach out to Phase II Auto Detailing. 

As one of the best auto detailing services in Langley, BC, we have been in the business successfully for over twenty-five years. We are a team of well-trained professionals who will clean, restore, and protect your vehicle by making sure we meet your expectations. Our services include customized auto detailing services, new car detailing, and car or auto ceramic coating.

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