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When you own a car, besides driving with caution, ensuring your vehicle is regularly maintained will lengthen its life and ensure it looks just as good as the day you bought it. The kind of maintenance we’re referring to here isn’t limited to checking and tuning your engine but goes beyond this. What we’re talking about is surface maintenance or detailing.

Looking after the exterior and interior surfaces of your car will protect it from wear and ensure that you stay safe, comfortable, and your driving experience is a more enjoyable one. Regular detailing keeps your vehicle clean and guarantees that it’s easier to clean the next time, making subsequent cleanings much cheaper for you.

If you’re looking for reliable car detailing services in Langley and surrounding areas, Phase II Auto Detailing has everything you need. Our goal is to clean, restore, and protect your vehicle while making sure that we meet and exceed your expectations. Our car detailing services are available in three categories. They are:

a. Basic Detail: This package includes a thorough wash on the outside, vacuuming and wiping of the panels, and cleaning of the windows. 

b. Silver Package: When you choose this option, we offer you a full interior cleaning. No nook and cranny of your car will be left untouched as we will shampoo, vacuum, condition the leather, clean the glass, and disinfect everything inside your vehicle. The purpose of disinfecting your car is to refresh and clean it so that it feels and looks brand new.

c. Gold Package: Here, you’ll receive a two-stage cut, clay bar, engine shampoo. our full exterior cleaning gets rid of swirl marks and surface scratches. Thereby correcting the paint of your car. Maintaining your vehicle in this manner and keeping up with the cleaning and correction of paint helps your car last longer

Our detailing services are provided in the form of two packages, gold, and silver. They each include different detailing options that can be availed of based on your preferences and budget. Our silver packages costs between $185 to $350, and our gold detailing package is around $300 to $525. The prices vary based on your requirements. We also offer other customized options depending on your needs.

To learn more about our car detailing services, reach out to Phase II Auto Detailing. We cater to clients across Langley, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Abbotsford, Mission, Coquitlam, Vancouver, White Rock, and the surrounding areas. Besides detailing, we also offer ceramic coating and car wash services under one roof. Our team is made up of well-trained professionals who invest a lot of time and money into finding new cutting edge products and technology to keep improving the experience of our clients. Our goal is to clean, restore, and protect their vehicles while ensuring that we meet their expectations perfectly.

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