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Auto Detailing Langley

Immaculate Cleanliness: Unveil the Pristine Beauty of Your Vehicle

Our expert team at Phase II Auto Detailing specializes in delivering immaculate cleanliness for vehicles like Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Tesla. We understand that your car deserves nothing less than perfection. With our meticulous customized auto detailing and car washing services, we will revitalize your vehicle, ensuring every inch shines flawlessly. Experience the ultimate satisfaction of driving a spotless car that reflects your discerning taste.

“My car smells so good!”
I have been so satisfied with the service and quality of work from Phase II Auto Detailing. My car smells so good! Everything was perfectly clean! They even cleaned my boy’s car seat and it came back as good as new! I feel so grateful for having such a nice experience with Phase II Auto Detailing. The owners were so friendly and welcoming that I felt home as I would have been with my family. I definitely recommend Phase II to anyone who wants to have a beautiful adventure making their car clean!

- Lison

Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic coating

Get the highest level of protection for your vehicle’s exterior with Ceramic Pro Coatings from the auto detailing experts at Phase II Auto Detailing. Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties.

Auto Detailing Langley

Protect Your Investment: Long-lasting Preservation for Your Vehicle

Phase II Auto Detailing understands the value of your vehicle as an investment. That's why we offer meticulous restoration and long-lasting preservation services. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced techniques, including ceramic coating and paint decontamination, to create a protective barrier that shields your car's exterior from scratches, UV damage, and environmental contaminants. With our expertise, your car will not only regain its original beauty but also maintain its flawless appearance for years to come, ensuring maximum return on your investment.

“I cannot thank you enough”
I cannot thank you enough for the incredible service in my minivan. I felt like a completely new individual today as I drove my boys to school. We spend so much time in this vehicle, and it was overwhelmingly messy! I just didn’t have the time, with an 8, 5, and 7 months old to try and clean it, let alone the energy. I am totally making this an every 6-month habit!

- Jessica

Paint Protection Film (PPF)


Kavaca is a highly advanced paint protection film, designed and developed by internationally renowned Ceramic Pro manufacturers NanoShine LTD. A high performance aliphatic polyurethane film, it is specifically designed to protect painted surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and other types of physical damage. Given the film is coated with Ceramic Pro during production, it improves the overall visual appearance of any surface it is applied to.

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Auto Detailing Langley

Enhanced Hygiene: Ensure a Safe and Disinfected Interior for Your Peace of Mind

Your comfort and well-being matter to us. We understand the importance of a clean and healthy interior at Phase II Auto Detailing. Our comprehensive customized, auto detailing services include thorough disinfection to eliminate germs, allergens, and odors from your vehicle's cabin. Rest assured that your driving environment will be a sanctuary of cleanliness, promoting your peace of mind and the health of you and your loved ones. Experience the joy of stepping into a sanitized car that exudes and safety.

“They went above and beyond”
I took my vehicle in to have it fully detailed. I thought I would try Phase II Auto Detailing instead of where I went before. I’m very glad I did. The service was outstanding and the quality of work was excellent! They went above and beyond my expectations, paying attention to so many details. I’m very happy with the job done. A very friendly family run business that I would highly recommend. I will be back there again for sure!

- David

Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing

In addition to our VIP, Basic, Silver and Gold auto detailing packages Phase II Auto Detailing also offers customized a la carte services to meet your needs. We put our product to the ultimate test to illustrate the true performance of our glass treatment. We simulated visibility in inclement weather. You will see a significant difference between the treated side verses the untreated side.

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